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Do you ever get the feeling, others might be lucky in love ..just not You?

Luck, isn’t really Luck – the fluke kind, when it comes to love !
“So what is it, I hear you ask ?”

You may break LUCK in to the following :

L – L, may be taken as LOCATION – place that chance meeting might have lead you to something More!
U – U, may be the kind of mutual UNDERSTANDING, you and this new person may have for each other!
C – C, could be taken as the CONNECTION, you both struck out – that either lights up the sky …or not!
K – K, may be the KNOWLEDGE of who you both are in true form, emotionally, physically, intellectually and even spiritually… and the other person GETTING it !

Most often though, these just aren’t enough to live Happily Every After!
Something , or someone usually throws a spanner in the works! ! !
I hate to break it to you! But most often , than not..that something is US ..doing it to our own selves !

Perhaps you may already have this ability , but you can’t easily spot it yourself.

Here’s a Free video of a Masterclass I ran for my therapeutic community a while back – that may help you have that Ah-Ha moment with yourself .
It’s a video, on 3 BLOCKS TO LOVE & RELATIONSHIP most of us humans trip up on !

If you are interested, just sign up below and WATCH the video instantly
(no sales, no offers, just 44mins of content – so relax & enjoy!)

If you mean to start 2022, with your right foot forward – you want to get to know your own worst possible enemy and know where you need reconcilation & peace making 1st !

With warmest wishes

Vathani X

Vathani Navasothy

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