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Emma The Heart Healer
Jump out of Failed Relationships And Into Your Hearts Desires

Hello I am Emma Hall RTT Practitioner & Heartbreak Healer

I help men and women jump out of heartbreak and into their hearts desires!

My methods change limiting beliefs, removes emotional debris from past relationships concluding them, releasing them to set you free!

My specialty is unlocking the cause of:
Unhealthy relationship patterns
Childhood traumas
Trauma Bonds
Narcissist trauma
Over eating / weight gain
Sleep issues

Transforming them into!
Self – love
Dating Confidence
Supreme confidence
High self esteem
I help manifest your new business/
new house/soulmate
After 25 years of heartbreaking experience I’ve made it my life’s mission to heal heartbreak and the long term damage it can cause.
Set up a free call to discover more!
I offer a 20% discount on sessions and monthly packages for Dates At Eight members.

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EXPECT TO FEEL RELAXED AND CLENSED AFTERWARDS... RTT hypnosis, is a state we enter many times throughout our day, it happens when we are mediating or when we are watching TV, you are always in control and you can stop at anytime. RTT heals the root cause of every issue, so you will revisit past memories or scenes that manifest to the surface to be healed. ALSO there will be Inner child healing, releasing limiting beliefs and clearing out old emotional attachments to the past is a very powerful experience expect BIG SHIFTS of consciousness.
After the initial 30 minuets consultation-Most session take 90 minutes, but it's not unusual for it to take longer, as everyone is different and it can take longer sometimes 2 and 1/2 hours max.
Most people feel like they have had a weight lifted & they experience large shifts in consciousness, clients are often really happy and at peace, however some people can feel drained afterward, so I don't recommend making big plans within the first 24 hours.
RTT has a 98% success rate, but if you are in doubt then please voice your concerns at the free consultation. I also offer a practice session which is included for anyone that is worried they can't be hypnotised.
You will feel the "different" straight away, the full treatment results may take up to 21 days. It is very important to listen to your bespoke recording for this time, the treatment cure's the issue but the full transformation happens after the first 21 days. I recommend 1-3 sessions as some issues can be stubborn and more complicated
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