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Dr Sally Olewe-Richards
I help women to break a pattern of toxic relationships and heal, so they can find lasting true love.

Hello my darling!

I am SO thrilled to be an in-house coach for Dates At Eight and to be able to support you on your journey to find a love you deserve.

I’m a certified women’s empowerment coach and specialise in helping women to heal and create a life they love after toxic relationships. In the past, I had a pattern of attracting narcissists and a string of toxic relationships, until I finally started to look at why it was happening and learned how to heal myself and attract healthier people into my life. After doing ‘the work’ I met my husband, Nicholas, who I’ve been with since Autumn 2012 and we have two children.

I’m passionate about supporting women to heal their body, mind and soul, so they can let go of the past and create the future they deserve. In October 2019, I founded Women of Wisdom and Courage, which is the global sisterhood for healing after narcissistic partner abuse. In February 2021, we published the groundbreaking book ‘My Red Quilt’, written by and for survivors to help them on their recovery journey:

Together with an ever-growing Facebook community, I support women through 1:1 sessions, group coaching and my low cost membership The L.O.V.E and H.E.A.L Sisterhood Club.

I draw on a wealth of research-evidenced and trauma-informed tools, together with using a unique method called the Women’s Powertypes, which helps women discover and connect with their inner Queen, Lover, Mother, Sorceress and Warrioress to create more joy and balance in their lives!

In 2021, I was short-listed for the Digital Women of the Year Award in the category ‘Role Model of the Year’ for my work and I can’t wait to get to know you and help you fall in love with yourself, so you find the man who deserves you!

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